The sick system

“I want to thank the political and media establishment for the way in which they have received The Latham Diaries. When John Howard, the Australian Labor Party, the Canberra press gallery, and the Packer and Murdoch empires combine, as they have over the past fortnight, to tell people not to read this book, it sends a powerful message: the Canberra club has a lot to worry about and a lot to hide. Thankfully, the reading public (is) not silly. They are not easily swayed by media hysteria and sensationalism. They know what’s going on here: The Latham Diaries (blows) the whistle on the Canberra club, providing a contemporary, behind-the-scenes account of the many flaws in the system. This is why the book sold out last week and MUP has had to triple the print run.”

Former Labor leader Mark Latham, speaking last night at Melbourne University.

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