The Supper Club goes blogging

On Sunday I was the speaker at a relatively new Sydney institution, the Supper Club. Started by young refugees from the conservative think-tank, The Centre for Independent Studies, the aim is to bring people from the left and right to debate issues of the day. Respectful disagreement is encouraged.

The group’s blog post about the event:

On Sunday 12 October, the Supper Club on Sunday hosted a discussion on Antony Loewenstein’s new book The Blogging Revolution.

Before the event, Tim T of Will Type for Food commented on a Catallaxy Files thread:

Sounds like it’d be a hoot to attend – Anthony Loewenstein vs. a supper table of Right Wing Death Beasts. Would the RWDBs be able to stop vengefully slavering at Loewenstein for long enough to make polite tea-time conversation?

The audio from the event is here.

Suffice to say, I was thankfully challenged on many points, not least my criticisms of the Western media for ignoring vast swathes of the world. Even if journalists did a better job, I was asked, would this make the world a more peaceful place?

I think so, I responded, and shouldn’t we try?

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