The Take

The Take is a unique film. Made by Canadian couple Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein, it describes the cost of World Bank policies on Argentina in the 1990s and the brave attempt by auto-part workers today to reclaim their bankrupt factory and prove that the old economic model no longer applied. It’s a wonderful documentary currently screening around the country and proves the power of the collective. While union membership is declining in the West, Latin America is experiencing a revolution of its own and challenging American hegemony. Wonder why America and its apologists are so nervous?

I was at the Sydney preview of the film some months ago. Lewis was present and spoke passionately about taking the movie around the world and inspiring a new generation of Western activists to believe that the current economic system wasn’t the only way forward. He told of the film screening in Iraq and Beirut Indymedia performing miracles by completing rough subtitles a few hours before the print was flown to the occupied country.

Latin America is generally ignored in our media unless the Bush administration threatens one of its overly independent nations.

Take this story about Argentinean medical staff. The government threats, use of the word “terrorist” to describe workers fighting for better pay and conditions and rapid privatisation all show that Australia could one day experience a massive backlash against the status quo.

They have been warned.

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