The tried and true lesson of political journalism

Never, ever trust a political commentator who barracks for one side of politics. That makes them a political hack, not a serious columnist (Australian example of the day.)

The situation in American is little better, where supposedly serious magazine “liberal” commentators continue to profess what the Democrats should do to win office. Salon’s Glenn Greenwald explains:

Klein’s latest article in Time does nothing more than what Klein and most Beltway “liberal” pundits always do and have been doing for the last twenty years — namely, warn Democrats that they will lose elections unless they renounce their beliefs and act as much as possible like Republicans on national security issues. The article is entitled “Still Stumbling on National Security” and contains every 1980-2003 cliche about how Democrats better not oppose the big, mean, tough George Bush on war issues or else Rush Limbaugh will attack them and they’ll lose.

Like with so many issues, namely global warming, the public is always far ahead of the political and media elite, though you would rarely know this from reading the mainstream media.

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