The weak Jewish nation

The Israel Lobby co-author Stephen M. Walt, Foreign Policy blog:

…I cannot help but be struck by how little confidence Freeman’s critics seem to have in Israel itself. Apparently they believe that a country that recently celebrated its 60th birthday, whose per capita income ranks 29th in the world, that has several hundred nuclear weapons, and a military that is able to inflict more than 1,300 deaths on helpless Palestinians in a couple of weeks without much effort will nonetheless be at risk if someone who has criticized some Israeli policies (while defending its existence) were to chair the National Intelligence Council. The sad truth is that these individuals are deathly afraid of honest discourse here in the United States because deep down, they believe Israel cannot survive if it isn’t umbilically attached to the United States. The irony is that people like me have more confidence in Israel than they do: I think Israel can survive and prosper if it has a normal relationship with the United States instead of “special” one. Indeed, I think a more normal relationship would be better for both countries. It appears they aren’t so sure, and that is why they went after Charles Freeman.

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