The wedding

I’m off to Melbourne for a couple of days. A long-time friend is getting married in what I expect to be an OTT extravaganza. I’ve already been informed that I’m sitting next to a former girlfriend, and another ex will be at my table. Joy to the world. Alas, I have few fears. Everybody has moved on and our lives are better enriched without the other. Besides, returning to my home-town always brings a certain thrill. My closest friends are there, all living about five minutes walking distance from each other in Fitzroy. Bars, brasseries and booze will be consumed and visited.

I don’t miss Premier Steve Bracks. I don’t miss The Age. I do miss Yelza.

For those missing the incisive political commentary, here’s something to keep you occupied.

For those missing the occasional witty animation, take a look at these.

For the others, leave in comments your most memorable wedding experience, positive or less than ideal.

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