The young Iranians creating a new future away from their parents

Iranian Nasrin Alavi sent out the following email and photograph on New Year’s Eve:

This is sent to you with great hopes of triumph, peace and liberty for 2010. The image below was taken a few days ago and is of a group young Iranian climbers on the summit of Alborz. The banner that they hold reads “in memory of Neda and Ramin and the all the Shohada [martyrs] of the wars, streets and prisons”.

This salutation from the highest summit in the Middle East glorifies a new generation’s Shohada or Islamic martyrs. They are not the vile suicide bombers that marred the last decade. Their Shohada are philosophy student “Shahid Neda” Soltan as she is often referred to. Or… 26-year-old doctor… Ramin Pour’andarjani who died of poisoning after his refusal to sign falsified death certificates at the Kahrizak detention center; Or the 19-year-old Mohsen Ruholamini, a member of the conservative student basij who died in the same centre after protesting against election fraud.

They are Iran’s non-violent Shahids who have died for liberty and justice and by their sheer numbers inevitably herald new beginnings for the region.

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