They can’t run

It’s bemusing to read leading Jerusalem Post columnists whining that the world is against Israel, including the Bush administration. I must have missed Condoleezza Rice’s pro-Palestinian bias. The fear is clearly starting to set in for the Zionists, aware that their ever-expanding occupation will result in international isolation (though Australia can clearly be relied upon to offer unconditional support for Israel’s corrupt position.) At least a majority of Israels now appear to be against the country unilaterally attacking Iran.

But this is encouraging news:

Former Shin Bet chief cancels trip to UK following British criminal lawsuit against top Israeli security officials involved in assassination of Hamas leader Sheikh Salah Shehadeh, which also left 14 Palestinian civilians dead
Roni Sofer

Internal Security Minister Avi Dichter recently cancelled a planned visit to the UK for fear that an arrest warrant would be issued against him by local authorities over the July 2002 assassination of Hamas leader Sheikh Salah Shehadeh.

Dichter served as Shin Bet chief during the aerial attack on Shehadeh’s Gaza home, which also left 14 Palestinian civilians dead.

Haaretz has reported that Dichter was invited to speak before a British research institute at the beginning of January, but past cases in which arrest warrants were issued against senior IDF officials prompted the minister to consult with the Foreign Ministry, which suggested that he cancel the trip.

Israel will have to learn that its illegal behaviour has consequences. American protection will not last forever, and nor should it.