Time is running out

Finally an Israeli commentator writes honesty about the Arab “demographic threat“:

Enlightened Israel is in shock: According to the Israel Democracy Institute, 62 percent of the public believes that the government should encourage Arabs to emigrate from Israel. The Jews, who suffered so much from racism, are becoming racist, many observe painfully.

Most of those criticizing Jewish racism have an aura of sanctimonious hypocrisy about them. The same people who spread demographic paranoia now condemn the way the public is reacting to it…After all, if a “Jewish majority is Zionism’s lifeline,” it is only a matter of time until the lifeline frays and Israel ceases to exist as a Jewish state. The children of this public, and certainly its grandchildren, will live in an Arab state, due to the loss of the Jewish majority.

Rather than seeing this as a threat, perhaps Zionists would like to imagine a Middle Eastern country with Jews and Arabs living harmoniously.

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