Trouble in paradise

It appears more and more Israelis are becoming disenchanted with Israel and looking for greener pastures elsewhere.

Meanwhile the Maariv newspaper reported that approximately a quarter of the Israeli population was considering emigration.

Almost half of the country’s young people were thinking of leaving the country, the report said. Their reasons included dissatisfaction with the government, the education system, a lack of confidence in the political ruling class and concern over the security situation.

The corruption on the Olmert government, who’s approval rating is even worse than that of George Bush, has become par for the course.

Israeli Finance Minister Abraham Hirchson stepped down temporarily on Sunday to battle allegations of fraud and embezzlement at a previous job.

Who could blame the youth for being concerned over the security situation?…  Syria have been bending over backwards to establish a peaceful agreement with Israel, yet they have been rebuffed at every turn.

No tangible evidence exists, Israel told the U.S., that Damascus is planning an all-out war with Israel. But it is believed that Damascus has concluded that Israel might respond to various Syrian actions and that would be the cause of a full-blown confrontation.

Such an Israeli response might come following Syrian assistance to Hezbollah or Palestinian terror organizations like Islamic Jihad. Damascus would have no choice but to respond with a more extensive operation.

In other words, Israel is prepared to use any event as a causes belli to start a fight with Syria, most likely due to pressure from Washington.