US loves nukes controlled by Jews

Last week, yet more evidence emerged that proved Israel’s nuclear weapon’s program was supported and defended by the US:

Today the National Security Archive publishes for the first time 30 recently declassified U.S. government documents disclosing the existence of a highly secret policy debate, during the first year of the Nixon administration, over the Israeli nuclear weapons program. Broadly speaking, the debate was over whether it was feasible – either politically or technically – for the Nixon administration to try to prevent Israel from crossing the nuclear threshold, or whether the U.S. should find some “ground rules” which would allow it to live with a nuclear Israel.

The relationship between the two countries was based on secrets and lies:

By 1975, in keeping with the understanding with Israel, the State Department refused to tell Congress that it was certain that Israel had the bomb, even though U.S. intelligence was convinced that it did.

Today’s Israeli government has found a new bogeyman, and that country is Iran. Perhaps Ehud Olmert needs a better dictionary. He seems obsessed with comparing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Hitler. But then, Arafat was also “Hitler, as was Bin Laden.

Not unlike Iraq, a US military strike against Iran would be at partly due to Jewish pressure and would cause incalculable damage.

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