Walk next time

Has John Howard even been challenged like this on his excessive overseas travels?

Prince Charles arrived home from a two-week foreign tour last night to criticism over his failure to take action to offset the environmental damage done by his private jet during his 9,000-mile odyssey to the Middle East and India.

An analysis by The Independent shows that the plane which carried the Prince and his 22-strong entourage on the trip spewed more than 40 tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, the weight of six London buses. Although the Prince publicly stated a few months ago that climate change was the “greatest challenge” facing mankind, his officials admitted yesterday he had not followed the Government’s lead by offsetting the pollution from his trip.

Tony Blair went on a 21,000-mile tour of Asia and Australasia this week – in part to discuss climate change – but Downing Street tried to make up for the pollution by funding carbon reduction programmes as part of a campaign to lower emissions.