We are winning (argue J Street)

The following missive was just sent out by J Street. It’s hard to share their optimism (why? Try here), but here’s the message:

Last week, with our first national conference, we took a major step forward as a movement.

Reuters said we had “arrived as a serious participant in the foreign policy debate.” [1] The BBC reported that we “filled a gap in the Washington Map.” [2] The New York Times headline captured the moment: “A Moderate in America’s Jewish Lobby Causes a Stir.” [3]

It wasn’t just the wall-to-wall media coverage — General Jim Jones, President Obama’s National Security Advisor, promised during his keynote that the Administration “will be represented at all future J Street conferences.”

We’ve established ourselves on the national scene, and now it’s time to bring J Street to states and cities around the country.

That’s why – with the energy from our conference still fresh and in partnership with Brit Tzedek v’Shalom’s national grassroots network – we are launching an ambitious new national field operation with staff and chapters all over the country.

Our ability to bring J Street to your backyard depends on your financial support. Can we count on you to get this program off the ground?

Click here to chip in $50 right now to help kick off our national field plan.

Make no mistake — the enforcers of an unsustainable status quo have marked J Street and this entire movement for political destruction.

Isi Leibler, the former chairman of the governing board of the World Jewish Congress and now a Jerusalem Post columnist, even called recently for “a global Jewish solidarity conference” in order to “exorcise the renegades from our midst” who might dare to be pro-Israel, pro-peace. [4]

Neoconservatives have launched smear campaigns against J Street to scare away members of Congress from affiliating with us. One small far-right pro-Israel group called StandWithUs even contacted every member of Congress on our Gala Host Committee last week with a smear sheet of the nastiest lies and racist attacks leveled against J Street thus far.

Attacks like these will only grow stronger as our successes mount. But know this — we will not be intimidated nor deterred. The stakes for Israel, the Palestinians, and the whole Middle East are simply too high.

Yet if we are to continue to win, we need to take our message directly to your local communities and congressional districts.

Nothing makes as big of an impact on members of Congress as hearing directly from their constituents. Imagine if we could tell members of Congress all over the country, in their home districts, that supporting Israel means favoring active American engagement to achieve a two-state solution?

Click here to make your gift of $50 to kick start this new field program.

We’re thrilled that the chapters and activists of Brit Tzedek v’Shalom, the leading pro-Israel, pro-peace grassroots network, have decided to join our field effort. [5]

We’ll be building on their excellent work and taking it to the next level.

Please consider a gift now – and make an investment to grow the pro-Israel, pro-peace movement. With enough resources, we really will win this battle.

Thanks so much for all you do.

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