We need more bombs

While the world frets over the potential of a nuclear Iran, one Israeli is less worried. Jerusalem Post journalist and columnist Larry Derfner argues that military strikes against the Islamic nation would prove unsuccessful but he has another solution:

“…While I’m not happy about the prospect [of Iran going nuclear], I’m not going to have a nightmare over it because Israel, you see, has an answer to a nuclear Iran – more and better nuclear weapons of its own.

“It also has more and better chemical and biological weapons than Iran has. And Israel is going to keep on improving its WMD arsenal indefinitely. This is called deterrence, and it works well.”

So there you have it. Rather than trying to engage in dialogue, Israel should simply expand its arsenal and threaten anyone who dares challenges its God-given supremacy. Such Zionist arrogance goes to the heart of the problems facing Israel. When the US decides to seriously challenge Israel’s position in the Middle East, Israel will have to rely on more than military strength.

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