We should be so proud of our liberation

Iraq remains in dire shape, despite what many in the media are saying.

Take the ever-increasing stories of religiously-decreed rulings against homosexuals. One Iraqi human rights activist says:

Iraqi militias are deploying an unprecedented new form of torture against homosexuals, which involves inserting a particularly strong adhesive into the anus (of the victim) and sealing it completely.

The adhesive is known as Amiri gum; it is an Iranian glue that seals the skin together in such a way that it can only be removed through surgery. After sealing the victims’ anus, they are then given a drink which induces diarrhoea. As there is no outlet for this diarrhea, it may lead to death. Incidents of this happening have been circulating in short clips on mobile phones in Baghdad.

Like in years past, many of these militias are tied to the US-backed government.

Ah, the taste of democracy in the Middle East.

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