We suffered with many others

Muzzlewatch, currently in Geneva for Durban II, laments how the Jewish Holocaust is being abused by those who should know better:

We must make space for all the genocides and all the traumas. The profound multi-generational fractures, the almost genetic fear of being hunted, the damage done to us individually and collectively, the resilience and desperate need to hold onto and cherish our cultures”¦these are just some of the things all of us who have experienced such mass violence have in common, whether Native American, African American, Jewish or Palestinian.

I refuse to enter peace and justice work leaving my own family’s unspeakable suffering at the door. It informs me daily. It’s inextricably connected to who I am and how I see the world. And so no one else should either.

The Holocaust simply has to stop being the only horror in the room, just as anti-semitism has to cease being the only discrimination that matters. Those of us in this movement need to reframe the space so we can all be present, and we can all learn from each other, and we can all lift each other up. That should be obvious.

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