What I’m hearing about Christmas Island chaos

This last weekend saw a large break-out at Australia’s Christmas Island detention facilities. The federal government acknowledges tear gas was used to quell the protests. Thousands of asylum seekers languish for months and often longer with no indication when their cases may be resolved. It’s a prison camp designed to punish those seeking asylum.

My source tells me that Serco, the British multinational running Australia’s detention centres, is simply unable to cope with the number of refugees in the country. They are bringing in Serco managers from Britain to “manage” the situation, tasked to try and control frustrated asylum seekers by using similar methods tried (and failed) overseas at Serco centres. I’m hearing that the same people are appearing in various Serco institutions across the world, simply being moved from one place to another and applying tested methods of management. They failed overseas and they’re failing here but Serco is desperate not to lose the hugely profitable contract with Canberra.

This is what the profit motive is doing to human beings.

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