What Jews refuse to see

As usual, Gideon Levy, one of Israel’s finest journalists, reveals his country’s inherent hatred of non-Jews:

There is no “demographic threat.” There is a threat to society’s values, which will be determined not by statistics but by the amount of social justice. Talk of a “demographic threat” is not legitimate. Imagine what would happen if a discussion were held in the United States or Europe on “the worrisome natural growth of the Jews.” And who here would dare consider publicly the “fertility tendencies” of the Mizrahim – Jews of Middle Eastern descent. The truly dangerous threat is the discussion itself. It attests to the development in our society of very deep racist norms, cloaked in various ways, against the minority groups among us.

Haredim or Arabs – they are sons and daughters of this land. There are no democratic means to prevent them from becoming a larger portion of society in the future. Campaigns to reduce the birthrate are no less outrageous than the concepts of population transfer and ethnic cleansing.

Talking to a moderate Jew today, it struck me yet again that the concept of a Jewish state that equally treats all its citizens is still a challenging concept for many Zionists. “But why can’t Jews have just one state that’s for them?” I was asked. It’s a simple answer. No state can be allowed to discriminate against one race/religion/group over another.

And that’s always been the premise of Israel. Racism, pure and simple.

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