What we do is right because we say so

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald celebrates the release in Iran of journalist Roxana Saberi but highlights the American media’s blindness in the face of Washington’s even more extreme treatment of reporters:

Many people scoff at the notion that the American media propagandizes the American citizenry, but here one sees the vivid essence of that process. …  Our establishment media loves to point to and loudly condemn the behavior of other governments as proof of how tyrannical and evil they are — look at those Iranian mullah-fanatics imprisoning journalists/look at those primitive, corrupt, lawless Iraqis and their “culture of impunity”/look at the UAE and their tolerance of torture while completely ignoring, when they aren’t justifying, identical behavior by our own government.

This American hypocrisy is one of the key reasons I wrote The Blogging Revolution.

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