When it comes to lying, Washington can’t help itself

What is it about the Bush administration that causes it to lie in the face of all evidence that contradicts its fabrications?

The UN nuclear watchdog has protested to the US government over a report on Iran’s nuclear programme, calling it “erroneous” and “misleading”.

In a leaked letter, the IAEA said a congressional report contained serious distortions of the agency’s own findings on Iran’s nuclear activity.

The IAEA also took “strong exception” to claims made over the removal of a senior safeguards inspector.

There was no immediate comment from Washington over the letter.

But Rep Rush Holt, a Democratic member of the House intelligence committee, which released the report, said it had never been meant for release to the public.

“This report was not ready for prime time and it was not prepared in a way that we can rely on. It relied heavily on unclassified testimony,” he told the BBC’s PM programme.

And predictably, the Bush gang appears to committed to pursuing its insane policies in spite of all the warnings as to the consequences of military action.

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