Where the real power lies

Bahrain’s election took place over the weekend and results have started trickling in. Blogger Silly Bahraini Girl wonders what is really going on:

What?? Not a single woman?? What is wrong with you, you morons??

It is OK for women to be mothers, sisters, girlfriends, housewives, mistresses, teachers, engineers, journalists, prostitutes, shop keepers, cashiers and bar tenders – but not policy makers and parliamentarians???

What the hell! And you tell me that 72 per cent of the population eligible to vote had cast their vote”¦and not a single woman has made it so far, with the exception of Ms Al Gauod who won the seat uncontested?

Does it take a beard to be an MP? Is this the only criteria? Well, let’s see what the Parliament of Hair (PoH) will do in our modern robust thriving deMOCKracy! Well done mountain goats…hard luck the rest of you hopefuls.

I am off to sulk for the next four years! LOL”¦I mean”¦unless”¦and I am not tempting fate here…that this PoH is dissolved soon!!!

Like a cat, my country seems to be agonising because of all the hairballs!!… 

Unsurprisingly, Islamists made major gains (in a result that would be replicated across the Arab world if free and open elections were allowed.)

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