Where to now?

The crisis in Darfur continues to cause untold misery. We often read of Western pressure to intervene to stop the carnage, but what do Africans think?

I’ve recently discovered some polling from mid-2005 that supported UN involvement in the war-told nation, but this result surprised me:

Awareness of the situation in Darfur is fairly low. Just over one-third of Africans interviewed (36%) say they have heard or read a great deal or a fair amount about “the conflict in the Sudan region called Darfur.” Attitudes about whether the UN should have the right to intervene are not significantly different between those with higher or lower levels of awareness.… 

UPI reports: “Current figures have the death toll at more than 200,000 with an estimated 2.5 million displaced since the start of the ethnically motivated warfare in early 2003.”… 

If those appalling figures aren’t enough to spur international support, what will?

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