Who said Israel wasn’t full of contradictions?

Yossi Sarid in Haaretz:

I recently read in the papers about an officer who was promoted to deputy battalion commander in his reserve unit, an exemplary man by all accounts, yet whose subordinates complained: No way will a homosexual be in charge of us, it does not befit men’s men like us. I also recently read in this newspaper that Israel will escalate its public relations campaign against Iran. Our foreign ministry plans to enlist the gay and lesbian community worldwide to expose the persecution of homosexuals led by the ayatollahs and their people. We should hope that this campaign is being undertaken with the blessing of the entire coalition, some of whose members have characterized homosexuals as “deviants who should be put to death.”

The anti-Iranian campaign has now been short-circuited and poured down the drain. Here they don’t just shoot the prime minister. They also shoot homosexuals.

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