Wikileaks here to stay so take that

Looks like our censoring friends are going to have troubles bringing down Wikileaks:

SHANE MCLEOD: Wikileaks says its founder Julian Assange is going to stay in hiding because he may be at risk of being assassinated.

A spokeswoman for the website says the Australian citizen will maintain a low profile amidst calls by some for his arrest and prosecution for releasing sensitive diplomatic cables.

The self-styled whistleblower is starting to suffer setbacks on another front.

It has been kicked off its servers in the United States run by web-host Amazon.Com.

Amazon hasn’t made any comment – but the decision has been applauded by the US Senator Joe Lieberman — who heads the Homeland Security Committee.

He says Amazon made the ‘right decision’ and has set a standard for other companies that WikiLeaks is using to distribute its material.

WikiLeaks says it’ll move its data to servers in Europe.

Earlier I spoke to Professor Scott Silliman, an expert on national security law at Duke University.

I asked him what options the US had to try to force WikiLeaks offline.

SCOTT SILLIMAN: The options as far as trying to take the site down are very, very limited. As best we know, the site is licensed in Iceland, that’s where the server is and there is very little that the United States can do legally to shut down the site.

It has certainly a right operate on the Internet so there is not a really good legal option for the United States with regard to WikiLeaks itself.

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