Will the French have the last laugh?

How ironic would it be if the French ended up saving America’s behind…again.

After years of shunning involvement in a war it said was wrong, France now believes it may hold the key to peace in Iraq, proposing itself as an “honest broker” between the Sunni, Shiite and Kurdish factions.

Even the man who coined the term Freedom Fries has done a u-turn on the war, in spite of the costs to him.

Until two years ago, Jones was probably best known nationally for championing “freedom fries” to replace “french fries” in the House cafeteria — a hit with the GOP’s right-wing base.

But after co-sponsoring a measure with Rep. Dennis J. Kucinich (D-Ohio) in June 2005 calling for a time-certain troop withdrawal from Iraq, Jones began taking heat from many of those same supporters.

I’m sure a few speeches that mention nuking Iran will get his supporters back in line.

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