You can’t stop the real flow of information

The crusading website Wikileaks scores another win:

Today Chief Justice Gordon Ward lifted a gag order which had prevented publishers and broadcasters from mentioning ‘corruption report’ and ‘WikiLeaks’ in the same sentence.

The order, first issued on Saturday against 11 media companies, and reissued last night, has lead to bizarre press coverage, where WikiLeaks was not named, but referred to instead using Orwellian terms such as ‘a multi-jurisdictional website’.

The injuncted media companies today argued before the Supreme Court of the Turks & Caicos Islands (a British Overseas Territory and tax haven), that the popularity of WikiLeaks meant that the corruption report is effectively in the public domain anyway.

The Guardian newspaper found itself in same position earlier this year, when a High Court judge ordered it not to tell its readers that documents exposing a multi-billion dollar Barclay’s bank tax avoidance scam were available on WikiLeaks.

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