“Your mother may be a Jew but you no longer are one”

Following the feature in yesterday’s Jakarta Post about my work and critical Judaism, I received the following email from Charles Solnik (a former IDF physician):

I don’t know how you can be proud to be a Jew. The foundation of Jewishness is the Torah. That is even if one is secular or not their knowledge that they are a Jew is derived from the fact that Jews over 3500 years maintained an adherence to the biblical format.

That means even your ancestors kept the Torah. They crossed the dead sea they fought with Joshua (and conquered the land) up to Bar Kochba to keep the land.

They all believed that the land of Israel was given to them in a covenant with G-d. They died for it and were persecuted for it for the last two thousand Years. Many preferred death than conversion.

So I don’t know what it is that makes you proud to be a Jew and support Israel’s enemies. I imagine it must be very attention getting and profitable to pretend to be a proud Jew and promote the destruction of Israel. The expert is Richard Goldstone the self proclaimed lover of Israel. How much did he get paid now and in the future for his report?

I am a Jew who fought for Israel and I know very well the nature of the conflict. I know the huge extent we go to reduce collateral damage. I know the pain of losing comrades and burying them. I know how Israel yearns for peace but our neighbors seek our destruction.

Your mother may be a Jew but you no longer are one.

Charles Solnik

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