Zionist lobby told me Israel was democracy so damn you Palestinian activists calling for justice


Murdoch columnist Miranda Devine enjoys Israel courtesy of the NSW Jewish Board of Deputies (2009 and 2010). She obviously saw the real Israel and occupied Palestine. Oh wait, her hand was held and she only saw what her Zionist guests allowed (and she clearly wasn’t curious to look at anywhere else herself).

Her column today is in this glorious tradition, talking about Marrickville council embracing BDS:

Jake, a 55-year-old Jewish health professional with friends in Marrickville, was so incensed by the council’s Israel boycott that he took three weeks off work to wage a guerrilla campaign against the Greens, plastering the suburb with posters late at night, accusing them of homophobia for boycotting gay-friendly Israel.

“I felt so angry,” says Jake, who wants to remain anonymous. “I couldn’t sleep at night, so I organised the posters, hired some utes and ladders” and enlisted the help of his son and his friends. Greens supporters harassed them, ripped down the posters, called police, and tried to intimidate Jake’s young helpers, posting footage of them on YouTube.

Two nights before the election, a “black sports car with neon high beams and a pseudo photographer kept flashing his camera right up on our eyes . . . It slowed us right down.”

Another night “cowboy” greenies in a Toyota Camry started following them home, until Jake confronted the driver at a roundabout. “It was like something out of a movie”.

On election day, Jake and his son organised 10 friends wearing T-shirts with “Boycott the Greens” logos to visit polling booths, prompting “Zionist pigs” abuse from greenies.

“The Greens knew we were the enemy, but the Labor people all nodded and smiled and gave us the thumbs up. Anthony Albanese [whose wife Carmel Tebbutt was ALP candidate] shook my hand and thanked me. We must have had quite an effect.

“On Sunday I took the boys out to dinner. It’s not often in life a private citizen can make a difference.”

After all, as Jake points out, if they actually cared about the environment or human rights they would realise Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East, and the only country in the region where people can be openly and proudly gay. Israel’s neighbours, meantime, routinely stone homosexuals to death.

Israel is also the Middle East’s Eden, having greened the desert with millions of trees, eco friendly exports, and superior water conservation.

A few thoughts. Devine’s points on Israeli “democracy” are the perfect talking points given to her on numerous trips to the Zionist state. Standard propaganda. But “Jake” and his admissions are released at a curious time when it still remains unknown who daubed swastikas on Greens election posters.

Whatever it takes to “defend” Israel. And the Zionist community remain silent, more than happy for anonymous people to launch undemocratic attacks against a political party. The Murdoch press march proudly behind them.

Zionism infects the mind.

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