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Aussie “journalist” repeats “get Iran” mantra of her Zionist lobby friends

When it was announced in October that the largest delegation ever of politicians and journalists were going to Israel in December I predicted the focus would be Iran. Screw the Palestinians.

Well, you can imagine my deep shock to read over the weekend one of the supposedly serious reporters on the trip (Lenore Taylor of the Sydney Morning Herald) writing all about…Iran.

It’s an utterly embarrassing piece, talking openly about the “nuclear arms aspiration of Iran” and repeating uncritically a litany of Zionist “experts”. No dissent is offered (and indeed, there is no evidence of Tehran getting the bomb but who cares about mere facts and hard evidence?). And why? Because Taylor would not have been introduced to any of them and therefore didn’t think of finding them. That’s not journalism; it reeks of stenography:

Eight years after my first visit to Israel, one of the most striking things about the discussions during this week’s Australia Israel Leadership Forum has been the extent to which the increasing regional dominance and nuclear arms aspiration of Iran is overshadowing and enmeshing with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

How would Gaza, controlled by Iranian-aligned Hamas, fit in to any peace deal struck between Israel and the Palestinian Authority?

Would any deal be possible if both Hamas in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon were emboldened by the backing of a nuclear-capable Iran?

Israeli politicians, of all persuasions, saw Iran’s growing influence as both the biggest threat to Israel and the world and also a factor making a peace deal far more elusive.

Isaac Herzog, who is one of a number of declared challengers to Ehud Barak, the current leader of Israel’s beleaguered Labor Party, was clear that Iran posed ”the world’s biggest challenge”.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, warned about the sheer unpredictability of a radical Islamist state with the bomb.

But most thought that at the very least sanctions have to be combined with the credible threat of a military strike to be effective.

In fact, many senior figures argued that the only way to force Iran to halt the development of nuclear weapons was to convince the regime that the West had the stomach to launch a military strike.

But the rapidly looming question is what to do should all else fail and a nuclear-armed Iran appear inevitable, a situation analysts say could arise within months and is extremely likely to arise within years. Could the region, could the world, live with the nuclear arms race in the Middle East that would then ensue? Could Israel live with the emboldened Iranian-backed states around it? And, given the extreme reluctance of the US to get involved in any more conflicts in the region, would Israel act alone?

The questions are even tougher than those that have dogged the Arab-Israeli peace process for years, and there is far less time to find an answer.

Such hyperbolic nonsense plays directly into the hands of those longing for an Israeli/American attack on Iran. The job of a real journalist, if one takes a free trip to another country, is not to forget one’s critical faculties. Taylor, like virtually every reporter on such visits, has pleased her hosts and sponsors no end.

  • Peter Cronau

    "Such hyperbolic nonsense plays directly into the hands of those longing for an Israeli/American attack on Iran."

    And it helps prepare the public to be silent when an attack on Iran occurs.

    In a democracy, the government requires little of its population, just silence.

  • Mallee

    Another front for war in that area would be a complete disaster and Israel is itching to have the West to go die for Israel.

    Well; Lenore, Julia, Tony, Julie, Malcolm, Mick, Josh, Greg, Piers and others of the 'Israel first club', who want this war can go get your rifle and so die. Take all the boards of directors of the mass media whoremongering lying media with you.

    Just leave the rest of us out of it.

    It is clear that Israel does not care for the Palestinians, all alleged peace talk has been crap and they have theived so much and now (if it was never the plan put together in the 1890's) they want the area between the Nile and the Euphrates and somehow that think they are going to sucker Aussie goyim with mad christian fundamentalists and the rest of the West to help them get it.

    No way Julia!!

    Kudos tor Rudd, seeking that Israel open up its nuclear facilities to count a few of their nuclear abmoninations. Fat chance Israel will join the cilivilised/law abiding world in that regard by joining the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty whereas Iran has.

    It is a wonderment that Israel did not sell Lenore the usual; 'wipe Israel off the map', lie as well as provide the free lunch. For that lie have a look at what was really said in context at:

    Now who was responsible for pouring that lie down the public's throat as well as the '9/11 official flat earthers conspircay lie'? Yep, our free press that 'they' hate us for.

    The Assange caper is not going to work, mass media moguls, you lot have lied and betrayed us, too much for too long.

  • Marilyn

    What is it that makes all these journos be so stupid about Israel.

  • Mallee

    $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$'s Marilyn!

  • atomou


    Lenore is a journalist.

    Your 'work' is laughable undergrad rubbish. With some unpleasant ideology laced in.

    Get it?

    Thought not.

    Loved your big ideas video. Laughed myself onto the floor.





  • atomou

    while were at it Ant here's some cut and paste (do you know how to do that? it's tricky!) about your favorite new idol.

    "it is the height of hypocrisy to insist Assange be free to leak whatever he wishes, regardless of the consequences, to discredit others with whom he disagrees ideologically, then appear to be genuinely shocked when the same tactics are used against him"

    Read more:

    poor Julian

  • iResistDe4iAm

    Decision time looms as Iran races for the bomb

    "Could Israel live with the emboldened Iranian-backed states around it? And, given the extreme reluctance of the US to get involved in any more conflicts in the region, would Israel act alone?" – Lenore Taylor 


    Decision time looms as the US/Israel race for another war

    Could Iran live with the emboldened US-backed states around it?

    Could Iran live with the hostile US occupation troops on its eastern border with Afghanistan?

    Could Iran live with the hostile US occupation troops on its western border with Iraq?

    Could Iran risk another bloody and devastating war like the US-backed Iraq invasion of Iran in the 1980s?

    Could Iran risk the regime change fate of its two occupied neighbours?

    Could Iran risk another US-backed coup d’état like the one that overthrew the democratically elected Iranian government in 1953? 


    And, given the growing US military escalation in yet more conflicts in the region (including Pakistan and Yemen), would Iran retaliate?"

  • Larry


    Lenore is a journalist.

    Apart from herself, you [and I guess her employer], who says so?

    Who is and who is not a journalist? I have worked with many people that call themselves journalists, some as young as nineteen. My father had a sixty year career as a journalist [I thought he was quite a good one]. As far as I know there are no recognised benchmarks one is required to meet to be a 'journalist'. Is Andrew Bolt a journalist? How about Glenn Greenwald? [his training is as a lawyer].

    Are Sheridan and Shaun [irony anyone?] 'slipshod' Carney journalists? If you ask me [which granted you are not] I'd say, not by any standard of reporting I can think of. Anyone can write opinion [I am now] but that does not make me a journalist. Is Paul McGeough a journo? In my opinion yes. Why? Because he reports [often witnesses], he investigates, he speaks to all sides of an issue. Challenge; find a story that Sheridan, Carney, Hartcher [don't start me on that hoax of a journalist] have written on a subject covered by McGeough. Step two; compare.

    A kind of independent media, like the Beeb was, [now less so] and the ABC was [isn't so now], serves to keep the bastards somewhat honest. Notice how we don't have anything quite so low and despicable as Fox News? Neither does the UK, even though they have Sky 24 owned by Mr Fox, Rupe Murdoch. The craziness can only swerve so far from something resembling fact because the BBC serves as something of a reference. The Americans enjoy no such luxury and so, viola, Fox News.

    It's why Rupe hates the BBC [and the ABC] even more than he hates Muslims. You can set your clock by the biannual assaults upon both institutions. The idea [I believe] is to neuter them, take out their teeth and dumb them down to a degree that there is no longer any rationale to protect or maintain them, because there is so little difference between the public channel and the insulting offerings of cable and commercial. In the case of the ABC, I reckon they're nearly there.

    One last, slight sliver of accountability remained while Kerry had his seat, but now let's face it, we're fucked.

    I'd like to see all these inoffensive 'journalists' [presenters] sit down and watch video of their predecessors of the sixties, seventies. The chequerboards, 4 Corners, TDT's. A good many of todays ABC News/ Current Affairs line up are ex A Current Affair for fuck's sake!

    So, I'd say the definition of journalist [as it stands] must be anyone who can write and publish by any means. That includes our host Mr Loewenstein, Mr Bolt, turds like Peter Hartcher, even Daille Pepper [!] and now apparently, 'Editor in Chief' Julian Assange.

    I don't think the title is anything to be proud of.