Israel and its biggest refugee detention centre in the world

The Zionist state as a light unto the nations?

Here’s the reality by Noam Sheizaf in +972:

On Thursday, I traveled to the south with a group of journalists and bloggers to view the construction of new detention facilities around Ketsiot, near the Egyptian border. When completed, the four prisons in the area are meant to be able to hold more than 16,000 inmates, making them, together, the largest detention facility for immigrants in the West. 

  • examinator

    Psst . don't tell Tony because when he becomes PM he's gonna want to top it .
    I hear he's has plans for building a giant floating island for the Aussie refugees and sub let some space to Israel to off set it's cost. He's not sure if to call it Libertaria 2 or Gitmo 2.
    When its full get the navy to tow it to Antarctic to discourage others. where the navy can borrow levy return fuel from the whalers and illegal trawlers down there.
    PS Reliable Sources tell me that there is no truth in the rumour that N'yahu has invited Julia and Obama to an all expenses paid one way naughty weekend trip when it's built…… The greens well . ;-)