Documenting the unaccountable war on terror

Laura Poitras is a remarkable American film-maker who has faced constant harassment by US officials for simply doing her job of documenting the countless abuses against innocents since 9/11.

Here are two short films, made for the New York Times, that are beautiful, moving and rage-inducing. This is the true face of America in the 21st century, as far away from the myths around freedom as is possible to imagine:

  • examinator

    My concern with Binney's interview is the fact that Australia's general public aren't sufficiently interested in it . Cocooned in their ignorance that The US has a proven record of ignoring national sovereignty if they believe it's in its interests.
    One would be naive in the extreme that if this blog or anyone writing to it were to expose something the US didn't want exposed that there wouldn't be consequences. These would range from pressuring Aust to prosecute/ extradite (see Assange waiting until the subject was overseas and would disappear them … Even an 'accident' at home isn't unthinkable. Come to think of it extraterritorial actions are what Israel does and THEY DON'T CARE who they implicate or who protests ….remember the tennis players and the Aussie passports?
    I'm not saying be afraid, very afraid simply be aware.
    no one is safe from someone who disregards international laws or claims exceptionalism.