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Back in February, Raw Story published the following revelation:

The unmasking of covert CIA officer Valerie Plame Wilson by White House officials in 2003 caused significant damage to U.S. national security and its ability to counter nuclear proliferation abroad.

According to current and former intelligence officials, Plame Wilson, who worked on the clandestine side of the CIA in the Directorate of Operations as a non-official cover (NOC) officer, was part of an operation tracking distribution and acquisition of weapons of mass destruction technology to and from Iran.

The story was ignored by the mainstream media. Until now. MSNBC has reported similar revelations:

Intelligence sources say Valerie Wilson was part of an operation three years ago tracking the proliferation of nuclear weapons material into Iran. And the sources allege that when Mrs. Wilson’s cover was blown, the administration’s ability to track Iran’s nuclear ambitions was damaged as well.

At this stage, the IAEA has found no evidence to prove Iran is building nuclear weapons. The US wants sanctions against Iran but has provided no evidence to back its claim. Not unlike the sham “diplomacy” before the Iraq war, the current sabre-rattling is, in the words of Scott Ritter, nothing more than a facilitator for war.

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