A cheat in every language

Where are the countless Jewish groups condemning this fraudster? One can’t help but think that many Jews feel very uncomfortable damning a Jewish man in public who ripped them off, but was a “committed” Zionist:

The collapse of Bernard L. Madoff’s $65 billion Ponzi scheme, whose victims included many American Jewish organizations and philanthropists, has also hammered a number of Israeli social service groups and wiped out at least three foundations that supported Israeli causes.

The aftershocks are still being felt here, but it appears that the scheme created losses in Israel amounting to at least hundreds of millions of dollars. It also damaged dozens of organizations, from the venerable matriarch of the American Zionist movement, Hadassah, whose hospital employees in Israel are taking pay cuts, to lesser known groups, like one that works with runaway Jewish and Arab teenagers and is weighing layoffs.

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