A glaring double standard

After the outrage of yesterday’s terrorist attack in Jerusalem against rabbinical students, a perspective we rarely hear in the pro-Israeli, Western media:

The association of rabbis for the people and land of Israel headed by extremist rabbi Dov Lior issued on Wednesday a religious ruling legitimizing the shelling of Palestinian civilian gatherings by IOF troops at the pretext of responding to the rocket attacks carried out by the Palestinians.

According to this ruling, the Torah permits the shelling and bombing of Palestinian rocket sources even if there are civilians living there and considers that the Israeli army must sometimes respond to the source of fire immediately without giving any advance warning to the Palestinian civilians.

This ruling also says that if the Palestinian civilians are concerned about their lives, they should stop the Palestinian resistance from firing rockets on Israeli settlements.

A Muslim cleric makes an inflammatory statement about Westerners and Jews, and the world condemns Islam. A Rabbi issues an equally disgusting comment and the international community remains silent.

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