Ah, the smell of democracy…

“When British troops eventually pull out from southern Iraq, they will leave behind the Islamic Republic of Basra: a mini-state which is more solidly Islamicist than any other part of the country. After a controversial war and two years of painful nation-building, that is an ugly result.”

A senior British official laments: “We have to be realistic about what we’re going to achieve. We have to accept the consequences of bringing democracy to Iraq.”

So how exactly do pro-war supporters – how many of these deluded souls still exist, I wonder? – judge success? If “democracy” means an Islamist state, with few women’s rights, a divine hatred of Israel and sharia law, will they be happy?

Meanwhile, former Presidential candidate Ralph Nader has written to grieving mother Cindy Sheehan, still waiting for an audience with George W. Bush.

“Should he relent and opens his doors”, he writes, “be sure to ask why he low-balls U.S. casualties in Iraq, deleting and disrespecting soldiers seriously hurt or sickened in the Iraq war theater, but not in direct combat. Remind him of those soldiers back in military hospitals who, with their families, wonder why they are not being counted as they cope with their serious and permanent disabilities.”

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