All Palestinians are terrorists

At least that’s according to remembers of the Sydney Jewish community. Marrickville Council has moved to establish a sister city agreement with the Palestinian city of Bethlehem , and this has some members livid.

NSW Jewish Board of Deputies chief executive Vic Alhadeff said Bethlehem Council was controlled by members of the terrorist organisations Hamas and Islamic Jihad, which support the killing of Jews.

The Palestinians elected Hamas to government last year, so that means that Bethlehem, like all Palestinian towns, are controlled by terrorists. And think of all that money that will flow from Marrickville residents to Hamas.

And of course, any visiting delegation will have only one thing on their mind when they arrive. To rally the residents of Marrickville to support the destruction of Israel.

“This means an international guest could address a public meeting hosted by this council and call for the destruction of Israel and death to the Jews.”

Before you know it, there will be town hall meetings denying the Holocaust. As for those Israeli tanks, fighter jets and helicopters, they are are the weapons of liberators, not terrorists.

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