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Union of Arab Community-Based Associations (Ittijah) has prepared a petition to the governments of the United States and the European Union calling on them not to support Israel’s “Development Plan for the Galilee and Naqab (Negev)”. The full petition can be read in English here.

The petition states that Israel’s plan for “development” of these two areas is actually a plan to destroy the Palestinian presence in these areas. The “development” plan will further the confiscation of Palestinian Arab land, the demolition of thousands of homes and the forced evacuation of the Arab unrecognised villages, encourages step-by-step ethnic cleansing and reinforces the State of Israel’s racially discriminatory policies.

As this is the case, Ittijah calls on the governments of the United States and the European Union, and on the United Nations, not to support the “development” plan. Every dollar and Euro in support of the “development” plan is support for the destruction of the Palestinian presence in the Galilee and Naqab (Negev), and for the continuing, extreme discrimination by the State of Israel against the Palestinians living in Israel.

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