America wants “human terrain” to whitewash occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan

Years after 9/11, the US military believed that counter-insurgency meant learning about the countries you were invading and occupying. Sensible decision but nothing could alter the fact that America was conducting a brutal occupation of Muslim lands. Resistance rightly followed.

Human Terrain Systems” were employed – anthropologists, social scientists and others – to be the kinder, softer face of the American war machine. This business is increasingly privatised.

Tonight I watched a documentary about this pernicious trend called “Human Terrain: War Becomes Academic”:

The New Yorker featured an essay on this subject back in 2006 and profiled the Australian David Kilcullen. Since then, the mainstream media has been filled with countless stories about Kilcullen about his supposed counter-insurgency expertise. Alas, Iraq and Afghanistan are complete failures, both occupations are rejected and the fact that he now runs a pro-profit consultancy firm in this area is largely ignored.

Welcome to a MSM that loves military figures who give good quotes. Shame they fail miserably in achieving their goals.

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