Another day in the history of Israeli non-democracy

Such news barely registers in the West, it’s such a normal occurrence:

The board of Hebrew University summoned representatives of the university’s Hadash Party to a hearing before the Dean of Students last week. The hearing was for Hadash’s screening of the film Jenin, Jenin, and is yet another act by Hebrew University in actively collaborating in Israel’s repression of the Palestinian people.

The students will be disciplined for screening the film Jenin, Jenin, directed by Mohammed Bakri, during one of their meetings. The university currently has a ban on the film.

As punishment, the students might be suspended from organizing party activities, and there is even a possibility that all organized meetings of the Hadash party at the university could be canceled. The university is expected to release their sentence soon.

The film was screened by members of the group to show solidarity with the filmmaker Mohammed Bakri, who attended the event, despite the opposition of the university.… Towards the end of the screening, university security guards stopped the film.

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