Are former Tiger fighters really a threat to Canada?

Here in Canada, Colombo propaganda about the supposed threat from “Tamil Tiger terrorists” heading towards the country continues in full swing. The source is always the Sri Lankan government; about as reliable as Tel Aviv. We’ve been reading similar “reports” in Australia for months:

A ship full of Tamil migrants — including members of the Tamil Tigers — is headed to Canada, a Sri Lankan newspaper reports.

According to the Sunday Observer, Sri Lanka’s English newspaper, about 200 migrants are aboard the MV Sun Sea, a ship previously known as Harin Panich 19.

The vessel was reportedly headed to Australia originally, but the boat changed route after Sri Lanka’s foreign ministry warned the Aussies. It’s now believed to be headed to British Columbia.

Some passengers are reportedly members of the Tamil Tigers, a violent arm of the Tamil separatist movement, which Canada has listed as a terrorist group.

Foreign Affairs spokeswoman Ambra Dickie said Canada is aware of the media reports about the vessel.

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