Ariel Sharon’s war

My first New Matilda column for 2006 evaluates the mainstream media’s whitewashing of Sharon’s legacy:

“The Australian media’s coverage of Sharon’s demise reveals a predictable line. With notable dissenters such as Deakin University’s Scott Burchill – who explained to readers of the Australian that Sharon was in fact an unindicted war criminal – the media elite has preferred to echo the official US and Israeli line, namely, in the words of the Australian editorial on 6 January, that ‘Sharon offered hope to Israelis and Palestinians’.

“A few days later, the paper’s Middle East correspondent, Martin Chulov, offered these nonsensical words: ‘The end of the line for Sharon has revealed a sign of the times. Stability has not been brought to the Middle East by Arab wise men, but a Jewish warrior.’ Perhaps the Zionist lobby had rewritten Chulov’s copy before going to print.”

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