Armchair generals

The Age’s senior columnist, Tony Parkinson, continues a popular trend in our parochial media. He chastises recently deceased New Zealand leader David Lange for having the temerity to question American military dominance of the region and compares his “appeasement” to the Oxford Union that voted not go to war against Hitler before World War II.

What a touching analogy. And how gutless. Parkinson comes from the school of America-first journalism. He in incapable of imagining independent foreign policy or even the vestiges of saying “no” to an American administration. His worldview is so narrow and inward-looking that he only feels safe under the US cocoon of nuclear deterrence.

He’ll be working for these guys in no time. But then, our media is full of such individuals, bowing to American power and directing our governments to follow suit. There is a word for such actions: lackey.

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