Aussie Jews may wet their pants when Obama comes

Another day and another pathetic example of parochialism from the Australian Jewish News.

Imagine the scene at the newspaper. Barack Obama is coming to Australia. Maybe he’ll speak to some Jews. Imagine the excitement. Let’s speak to some Jewish leaders about this possibility. God, this is SO amazing:

When the United States presidential visit was announced last week, state premiers practically fell over themselves trying to tout the benefits of their region and listing the reasons why the Obamas should pay them a visit.

But with a Jewish chief of staff whispering in his ear, peace in the Middle East high on his to-do list and a rabbi on his wife’s side of the family, could Barack be considering a meeting with Australia’s Jewish community?

When The AJN put the question to the most influential of community leaders though, they kept mum.

There was no speculation or gushing over whether Obama might stand at the lectern at the Beth Weizmann Community Centre or tour Moriah College. Instead, there was a hushed silence, almost as if any hint of such a thing would jinx any possible meeting.

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