Aussie Zionist lobbyist doesn’t like answering questions about his lobbying

What’s this I hear? Zionist victimhood? A multi-millionaire property developer hires a man with no property experience and resents being asked whether politics (ie. the influence of the Zionist lobby) or access to the ALP has anything to do with it? It’s called accountability and they’ll be much more to come:

Prime Minister Julia Gillard’s partner Tim Mathieson would “absolutely” be welcomed back to his job as a property salesman after the election despite speculation the job is inappropriate for Australia’s potential first bloke.

Labor sources have told The Age newspaper that there is growing consensus it would be untenable for Mr Mathieson to work for developer Albert Dadon, a Labor Party donor and prominent Israel lobbyist, if Labor wins on Saturday.

But Mr Dadon stresses that he makes donations and raises funds for both major parties – “and the amount is pathetic”.

“I feel really that this whole thing is simply because I’m a Jew and that’s what I resent,” he told ABC Radio.

Mr Dadon said Mr Mathieson had taken leave of absence from the role at his own request following intense media pressures.

“The bloke is entitled to have a job,” he said.

“After the election he’s absolutely welcome to resume his job.”

Mr Dadon said Mr Mathieson was employed at the Ubertas Group because of his knack with people.

“It takes him absolutely no time to establish a relationship and people warm up to him,” he said.

Mr Dadon said he had never sought any political favours for developments in exchange for donations, but whether conflicts of interests existed for Mr Mathieson was not a matter for him.

“That is not up to me, the conflict of interest,” he said.

“I do what I do whether Tim is with me or whether he’s not with me.”

A French-born Moroccan Jew, Mr Dadon is an accomplished jazz guitarist and composer.

He is married to Debbie Besen, daughter of Marc Besen, billionaire chairman of Highpoint Property Group and founder of the Sussan clothing chain.

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