Australia/Israel has a problem in loving each other through the night?

We can always rely on Zionist spokespeople defending Israel no matter what the country does (nuking Gaza? Well, there were terrorists there!)

This is about as convincing as an Israeli Mossad agent dressed as a tennis player (and ignores the grave damage done to Israel’s image in the Australian community):

A Federal Labor MP and spokesman for the Jewish community has dismissed concerns that Australia and Israel face a major rift over the fake passport affair.

Israel’s secret service, Mossad, has been widely blamed for the death of a Hamas leader in his Dubai hotel room in January.

The Federal Government has reacted angrily to the news three stolen Australian passports were used in the operation.

But the MP for Melbourne Ports, Michael Danby says the fact Australia has abstained on a UN vote supporting Israel, does not mean the two countries have fallen out.

“I think this is a vote at the United Nations General Assembly, which is really not that important,” he told ABC Radio’s Jon Faine.

“I think this is a little blip on the horizon. The friendship between the two countries goes back too long and is too deep and I think everything will come back into alignment over the next few weeks.”

Of course, Danby is the man Israel can always rely on to defend her interests. He’s a good boy like that.

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