Bin Laden explained?

Here’s a fascinating comment from international relations expert, Scott Burchill:

“I cannot verify this but the source is former Pentagon and highly respected. It’s a variation on Chalmers Johnson’s ‘blowback’ thesis, but one I haven’t heard before. It is worth an investigation.

“The Bechtel Corporation essentially stole a lot of construction business from Bin Laden’s father’s construction company in the 1980s – by out-bribing the Saudi royal family. This is really where Bin Laden’s hatred of US came from. Interestingly, this hatred was implanted in Osama well before the CIA helped Osama’s adventures in Afghanistan against the Soviets.

“Casper Weinberger (Secretary of Defence, Reagan Administration) and George Shultz (Secretary of State, Reagan Administration) migrated to Bechtel’s board in late 1980s after they left government, and Bechtel is owned by Haliburton.”

If I had the time, I’d investigate myself. Any thoughts or insights in comments.

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