Bush back to talking up Al Qaeda

Bush’s poll numbers just keep getting worse, as does the news coming from Iraq. So what does the Commander in Chief do when all else fails? Blame it all on Al Qaeda of course.

“For America, the decision we face in Iraq is not whether we ought to take sides in a civil war, it’s whether we stay in the fight against the same international terrorist network that attacked us on 9/11,” Bush said. “I strongly believe it’s in our national interest to stay in the fight.”

“The recent attacks are not the revenge killings that some have called a civil war,” Bush told the Associated General Contractors of America. “They are a systematic assault on the entire nation. Al-Qaida is public enemy No. 1 in Iraq.”

The problem in Iraq is not the sectarian violence or the civil war, but Al Qaeda. In spite of their plummeting popularity, the Bush administration remain confident enough of their clout to conflate whoever it is in Iraq that has bought into the Al Qaeda franchise, with those responsible for 9/11, and believe they will get away with it. After all, the media has never challenged Bush or Cheney when they’ve lied in the past, so why would they start now?

And of course, we should never forger that that Bush has never said that Iraq was responsible for 9/11 right?

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