Can we skin them alive and watch?

“War on terror” soldiers, fight to keep Guantanamo Bay open:

Why? Just ask one of the organisers of the above TV ad:

Closing Gitmo is just plain wrong. It is a slander against the professionalism of our troops at Gitmo who are guarding some of the most evil monsters running around this rock we call Earth. It is an open invitation for stone cold killers to join us on American soil to bust out their buddies, or activate sleeper cells against the federal prisons where the jihadists will be kept. And I don’t know about you, but I sure as hell don’t want a bunch of thugs, murderers and bombers being kept in federal prisons near me, nor receiving American style justice.

In fact, despite the fear-mongering of the usual suspects, the Bush administration’s policies have been a disaster for counter-terrorism.

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