Censoring millions of Chinese posts daily

A revealing insight into the world of Chinese internet censorship. Massive and growing:

According to the report at tech.163 on 13 of October 2010, the head of Baidu Tieba, an automatically generated forum through keyword search, Shu Xun said that the forum on average deleted 1 million posts every day. The report said:

“During a speech at the “2010 China Internet Marketing Business Summit” yesterday , Shu Xun stressed that information accuracy is the founding stone to the development of virtual community. “However, currently there are too many “navy” hanging around in the Internet. And if users and corporates fail to distinguish if the informations reflect the genuine need of the consumers, the online marketing scale cannot be fully expanded”.

Shu Xun revealed that Baidu Teiba on average deleted 1 million posts everyday. One of the main reason is to clean the robot spam posted by online marketing company.”

It is also well-known among Chinese internet users that Baidu Teiba imposes very strict political censorship, in particular in blocking and deleting politically sensitive terms defined by the propaganda department.

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