Cheney’s band of lunatics

If there is one positive thing that could be said for Karl Rove, it is that even he had a bad feeling about Cheney running as Dubya’s running mate. The Veep’s office is so extreme, that even Jack Goldsmith, a right-wing lawyer with radical views of executive power and long-time friend of John (“torture the children”) Yoo, was alarmed by them.

Their goal all along was to “get rid of the obnoxious FISA court” entirely, so that they could freely eavesdrop on whomever they wanted with no warrants or oversight of any kind. And here is Dick Cheney’s top aide, drooling with anticipation at the prospect of another terrorist attack so that they could seize this power without challenge. Addington views the Next Terrorist Attack as the golden opportunity to seize yet more power. Sitting around the White House dreaming of all the great new powers they will have once the new terrorist attack occurs — as Addington was doing — is nothing short of deranged.

One wonders how the media can possibly ignore this accusation. How can the mainstream news outlets continue to pander to people who, while proclaiming to be the protectors of American from outside enemies, are secretly wishing for another terrorist attack so that they may further consolidate their power? For that matter, don’t expect any of the talking heads to bat an eyelid the next time Cheney calls himself a patriot.

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